Welcome to Our New Home

Granify Team on the Office Patio

These past few weeks have been crazy busy at Granify and this included moving into a new office! We have been waiting eagerly this for a while now and on May 8th, we finally moved! We came from a small, one room office equipped with a lack of hot water, strange stains on the carpet and an uncomfortable feeling of¬†claustrophobia. NOW we’ve got a beautiful office space with plenty of room to continue growing. The space is a former art gallery and we hit the jackpot with a sexy patio!

Granify Office


Beautiful office


Granify Office 2

Granify Patio

Granify Office

Patio Pizza Party

Pizza Party


Granify Office

Working Hard

We’re excited for the summer, the patio parties, BBQs, the open concept space, company parking and most of all, the growth that is ahead of us as we help our customers succeed.

25 Responses

  1. Looks awesome! Congrats guys.

    • Andrea Babic says:

      Thanks Justin!! You should come down for our first patio party at the end of June. Beer and hot dogs how can you say no??

      • Kavitha says:

        Looks like you are having a heck of fun working with granify.. The patio looks stunning with a Great View.. I really envy you :) Andrea

  2. Congrats on the new space + hot water!

    • Andrea Babic says:

      We can finally wash our dishes properly haha actually… we finally have dishes. The new space is awesome, should be furnished soon. We’ll send you an invite to the patio party at the end of June!

  3. Shafeez says:

    The new office and Andrea’s green pants are on the same level now…Pretty awesome :)

    • Andrea Babic says:

      Those are the greatest pants, ever! I’m thinking of making everyone in the office get a pair. :)

  4. Peter says:

    I’m really digging that patio. Looks like granify will have some swell snowball fights this year.

  5. James Seigel says:

    Can I come crash your BBQ? Sweet patio!!

  6. Tom O'Connell says:

    Fantastic space. You guys should be proud!

    • Andrea Babic says:

      Thanks Tom! We’re so excited about the space (furniture coming soon, ha!). We’d love to have you over to give you a tour – hot dogs and beer included.

  7. Welcome to the neighborhood – we’re pumped to have you guys right down the street! Startup City is totally shaping up… P.S. One Friday, we’re coming to crash the Granify patio with the whole Startup Edmonton crew and friends (and with drinks in hand).

    • Andrea Babic says:

      We’re so happy to be in the neighbourhood. We’d be more than happy to have you stop by whenever you can, bring the crew and we’ll bring the beer!!

  8. Hi guys, great to see a group such as yours choose a space/area like that.

    If you ever want to come check out our rooftop patio for some inspiration and libations, just let us know!


    • Andrea Babic says:

      If and only if Mr.Trayner is buying beer :) ha! And we’d love to have you guys over to our space too, I found your contact on the Manasc Isaac site, I’ll shoot you a quick email and we can plan something out!

  9. Jared says:

    The pics don’t do the space justice; it’s epic!

  10. Helder says:

    Great office!

  11. Congrats Team Granify! The space looks awesome. The patio is a definite win!

    • Stefan Frank says:

      Thanks Danny! Our team loves the patio – even on cold Winter days here in Edmonton! :)
      How are things in Vancouver?

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