The Birth of the Granify Blog

The Granify Blog

At Granify, we’re on a mission to delight our customers and have a blast while doing it! We build together, eat together, volunteer together, travel together, treadmill and ping pong together. Above all, we find cool new ways to make money for you by innovating in ways that seem far fetched to many people. We’ve spent the last little while getting our creative juices flowing to produce a blog that will candidly share our world with our customers (love you!) and anyone else who may find value from us.

Our posts are created with love by our team and will include amazing (and actionable) things our mad data scientists discover. We will be featuring e-commerce guides ranging from beginner to master and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the culture at Granify and the beautifully eccentric wonderkids that make this engine run.

We hope you’ll gain insights, inspiration and some smiles!

Happy Friday and we’ll be sharing Part 1 of the Beginner’s Guide to E-Commerce on Monday, stay tuned folks!

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