5 Things Your Online Customers Hate About You

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You can’t make everyone fall in love with you but there are definitely some sure fire ways to annoy your visitors to the point of tears. Here is our list of the 5 things your customers hate most about you:

1) Mandatory Email Signups 

Your customers don’t want to be annoyed before they even get a chance to browse through your site. Don’t make them sign up before they even open up your home page. Try to put yourself in their shoes. We know those email marketers tell you that it’s an awesome idea to get their emails at any given point but that’s not true. You have to get their emails when they’re happy and satisfied with you, how will they know what amazing products you have to offer if you’re creating this barricade before they see your site?

2) S****y Product Photos

Online shopping in comparison to in-store shopping can have its disadvantages. This is especially true because your products are not tangible to your shopper. So why post poorly photographed products on your site? Why do you give them an option to click on the product to ‘enlarge’ it but the image just ends up being the same size anyways? Why won’t you let them see all sides of the products? Or if the product moves, why don’t you show it in motion. If the shopper can’t touch your products or test them, the least you could do is make your products look great!

3) Meaningless Product Descriptions

Much like the visual display of your product, the description is a way of giving the buyer a chance to interact with a virtual sales person. These descriptions shouldn’t be complicated. Give them the dimensions of your product, give them a sense of the features of the product, if the weight is important, add that too. Do anything that will help them mentally capture your product. Sell your products well, let the shopper know that you are passionate and knowledgeable. Showing your company’s voice in your descriptions is crucial, talk to them like they are right there next to you and they can hear your voice. Make them fall in love you.

4) No Option for Email Opt-Out 

Not only is this annoying, it may very well be illegal. Spam laws require you to provide the ability to opt-out of email campaigns. Many of us are constantly bombarded with so many newsletters clogging up our inboxes. Give your buyers a chance to opt-out of your emails, newsletters, etc. It is up to you to make the sign up enticing enough for them to not want to opt-out of it but the option should be available. You always want to empower your customers and give them as much freedom as possible. This will create a strong sense of trust between you and your new buyer.

5) Paying for Returns

They’re already a little upset about being charged for shipping and handling but they’re still excited about the product and you (for the most part). Now their item(s) arrive and for whatever reason, they want to return or exchange it. The worst thing you can do now is make an unsatisfied customer even angrier. So why would you charge them for the return/exchange. This has happened one too many times to the folks here at Granify, we went from evangelists of those brands to haters in a heartbeat. Think about your customer lifetime value, the minute you upset them like this, that lifetime value is thrown out the door.

What drives you crazy when you’re shopping online??

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