15 Ecommerce Stats You Probably Didn't Know

Ecommerce Statistics

We have rummaged through the depths of the internet to find the most interesting e-commerce facts for you! Prepare to be amazed.


1. $1.23 trillion in B2C ecommerce sales are expected in 2013
2. 3.5 billion internet users by the end of 2013
3. Average online shopper is a 42 year old female
4. Mmmm FOOD: in 2010 2.1 billion coupons were used for food purchases
5. 46% of parents whose children shop online allow their child to use their credit/debit card
6. Average purchase is $116.58
7. 39% of college students buy more online than in person (this number tops out at 66% in Brazil!)


8. In 2014 more than 1/3 of Americans will own a tablet device
9. North Dakota balls hard: 16.17% of their income is spent online
10. Illinois has the lowest shipping time  at 2.55 days and Hawaii has the highest average at 4.10 days (both of these are lightning speeds faster than the rate at which us Canadians receive our packages!)


11. Brits are guilty of tipsy online shopping: 43% of British online shopper admitted to shopping online after drinking

Arab World

12. The most purchased products in the online Arab shopping world are games and virtual currency

India + France

13. India is home to the fastest growing ecommerce market, and France is home to the slowest


14. On average, shipping costs in China are $1 for 1kg - Shipping costs in USA are $6 for 1KG
15. The biggest online shopping event in China is Bachelor’s Day (Nov 11)


Don’t forget to share with us any interesting stats we may have missed!


5 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    “46% of parents whose children shop online allow their child to use their credit/debit card”….WOW, that’s a lot. I’d love to know what age group and how they’re using it–where did you find this stat? This speaks volumes about how marketers can sell to children. Thanks for sharing this great post!

  2. [...] is on the rise. According to granify.com, more than $1.23 trillion in B2C ecommerce sales are expected this year. By the time 2013 closes, [...]

  3. Jonathan byrl says:

    The above facts are really informative and astonishing as well, All the facts point to one thing that in future maximum trade or business will be done online and this is not only restricted to developed con tries, but developing countries also proving this stats true, One fact that really amazed me is that the number of percentage of college students who buy online is 66% in Brazil, really great. Thanks again for mentioning these facts with us.

  4. Maclean says:

    14. On average, shipping costs in China are $1 for 1kg – Shipping costs in USA are $6 for 1KG

    Try here in Australia where it costs $7.90 for a 500gram prepaid postage bag!!!!

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